A compleat system of magick: or, The history of the black-art

Publication Date1729
RemainderShewing, I. The original of magicians; and how some of them were made kings, as Zoroafter, Cadmus, and many others. II. How the ancient magi, who study'd philosophy, astronomy, &c. were induc'd to turn wizards and sorcers, and deal with the devil; and how their conversation began. III. The different shapes assum'd by the devil in his first appearances to magicians; and whether he is, or has been, allow'd to assume a human-shape. IV. Who first practised magick as a diabolical art, and its progress among the Egyptians and Phoenicians; by whom it was first openly encourag'd, and of its present state. V. What the black-art, really is, the various manner of its practice in different parts of the world, and of the doctrine of spirits. VI. How far it may be suppos'd there can be an intercourse between superiour and insernal beings, and whether the magick-art now subsists. VII. How far the devil may be raised by magical operations; and whether it is by their own power, or by mutual concert with the devil. The whole compiled from the best authorities ancient and modern
PublisherPrinted for J. Clarke, at the Royal-Exchange; A. Millar, against St. Clement's Church in the Strand; H. Noorthouck, under the Great-Piazza, Covent-Garden; T. Green, at Charing-Cross; J. Pen, in Westminster-Hall; J. Jackson, and Mrs. Graves, at St. James's; and J. Brindley, in New-Bond-Street


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