A briefe treatise concerning the necessity of the knowledge of the principall languages; namely the Latine. Greeke. Hebrevv. &c

Publication Date1621
RemainderSignifying also that there are meanes extant so most extraordinary easie for attaining the skill of Latine, as wherewith a man may in very short time learne the whole fundamentall knowledge thereof by his owne all-alone exercising, and afterward attaine perfection in the language, without any instruction. And likewise that students may haue such easie helpes for vnderstanding the originall tongues, as whereby with few houres instruction they may proceed vnto perfection in them, through their owne all-alone practise
Extent[2], 4, 4 [i.e.5], [1] p.
Publisherprinted for Edw: Wright, and are to bee solde at his shop, by Christ-Church greater south doore


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