A breefe treatise of sphæricall triangles

Publication Date1627
Remainderwherein is handled the sixteene cases of a right angled triangle, being all extracted out of one diagram, and reduced into theorems, with the totall sine in the first place, so that by addition onely, they may be effected. As also, the twelue cases of an oblique sphæricall triangle, being likewise reduced into theorems, whereby with one or two additions at the most, any of them may be resolued by helpe of this canon following made with secants, and that only by such numbers as are therein to be founde, without first making any substraction, or vsing any mentall operation. Most commodious and necessarie ... By Iohn Speidell professor and teacher of the mathematickes in Queene-streete. Whereunto is annexed a Geometricall extraction formerly published by this author, containing diuers delightfull and necessarie geometricall problemes for all surueighers and others, affected to the mathematickes
Extent[8], 43, [1]; [8], 126, [2] p.
PublisherPrinted by Edward Allde dwelling neere Christ-Church


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