A practicall catechisme: or, A vievv of those principall truths of the word, which most directly tend to life and godlinesse

Publication Date1633
RemainderDivided into three parts. The first, shewing the misery of all men by nature, in respect of sinne and punishment; with the true use of the morrall law in that behalfe. The second, manifesting the remedy ordained by God to deliver them from this misery, together with the meane of receiving it, viz. faith, and how it may be attained. The third, declaring how those who are delivered, ought to order their whole conversation; with the meanes to procure it, the lets resisting, and the priviledges encouraging to it. Serving for the use of those who first heard them taught, as also for all others who shall carefully peruse them. The second edition, corrected, enlarged, and restored to order. By D.R. B. in Divin. and minister of the Gospell.
Extent[40], 115, [1], 244, 192 p.
LocationPrinted at London
PublisherBy T. Cotes, for Iohn Bellamie, at the three golden Lyons in Cornehill, neere the Royall Exchange

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