A[ug. 1]8. Numb. 40. The continuation of the weekely newes, from the 12. of August, till the 18. of the same, 1629

Publication Date1629
RemainderContaining amongst diuers other matters, these particulars following. The last newes from the Low-Countries, concerning the taking of the strong towne of Wesell, with great store of money, ordnance, munition, and prouision of victuals, by the States. The late warlike proceeding of the Spanish in the Velevv, and other parts, and the taking of Amersfort by them. Seuerall remarkable passages betwixt the leager of the Prince of Orange, and the city of s'Hertogenbosh, with the likely-hood of the suddaine taking of the said city. The warlike preparations and proceeding of the Imperialists, Spanish, French, and Switzers, concerning the Grisonr, and Italy: besides diuers other matters of moment, which are lately past in diuers parts of Christendome; by which you may perceiue the generall state of Christendome at this present
Extent[2], 14 p.
Publisherprinted for Nicholas Bourne, dwelling at the South entrance of the Royall Exchange

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