The perpetuitie of a regenerate mans estate

Publication Date1627
Remainderwherein it is manifestly proued: that such as are once truely regenerated and ingraffed into Christ by a true and liuely faith, can neither finally nor totally fall from grace, as also: that this hath beene the receiued and resolued doctrine, of the ancient fathers: of the Protestant churches beyond the seas; of the churches of England, and of all orthodox and solid writers both forraine and domestique. All the principall arguments that are, or may be obiected against it either from Scripture, or from reason, are her likewise cleared and answered. The vses which Christians ought to make of this perpetuitie of the estate of sauing grace ... together with a copious answer (newly added) to all those secret obiections and deceites ... are here likewise plainly deliuered. The third edition perused and inlarged. By William Prynne Gent: Hospitij Lincolniensis
Extent[46], 544, 543-546, 557-656 p.
PublisherPrinted [by William Jones] for Michael Sparke, dwelling in Greene-Arbour




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