A proclamation made by the Generall States of the Vnited Netherland Prouinces

Publication Date1619
Remainderprohibiting all the inhabitants of the said countries, to hold any secret or priuate assemblies or meetings together, vnder pretence of disputation or conference touching the fiue knowne and manifested points of religion in controuersie, with a further prohibition and commandement against making of any collections, promises, contracts, agreements or conspiracies, for the vpholding and mainetaining of the same articles. Together with 2. other proclamations, made by the Protestant state of the Marquisate of Moravia, and of the Kingdome of Hungaria, for the banishment of the Iesuites
Extent[2], 20 p.
PublisherImprinted by T. D[awson] for Nathanaell Nevvbery, and are to be sold at the signe of the Starre, vnder S. Peters in Corne-hill, and in Pope-head Alley


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