A trial of the Romish clergies title to the Church

Publication Date1608
Remainderby way of answer to a popish pamphlet written by one A.D. and entituled A treatise of faith, wherein is briefly and plainly shewed a direct way, by which euery man may resolue and settle his mind in all doubts, question and controuersies, concerning matters of faith. By Antonie Wotton. In the end you haue three tables: one of the texts of Scripture expounded or alledged in this booke: another of the testimonies of ancient and later writers, with a chronologie of the times in which they liued: a third of the chief matters contained in the treatise and answer
Extent[6], 420, [16] p.
Publisherprinted [by Richard Field] for Elizabeth Burby widow, and are to be sold at the signe of the Swan in Pauls Churchyard


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