A treatise of Salomons mariage

Publication Date1613
Remainderor, a congratulation for the happie and hopefull mariage betweene the most illustrious and noble Prince Frederike the V. Count Palatine of Rhine, Elector of the Sacred Romane Empire, and Arch-Sewer, and in the vacancie thereof Vicar Generall: Duke of Bauaria, &c. Knight of the most noble order of the Garter. And the most gratious and excellent Princesse, the Ladie Elizabeth, sole daughter vnto the High and Mighty Prince Iames, by the grace of God, King of great Britaine, France and Ireland. Ioyfully solemnized vpon the 14. da of Februarie, 1612. In the Kings Pallace of White-hall in Westminster
Extent[14], 56 p.
LocationAt London
PublisherImprinted by F[elix] K[ingston] for Thomas Man the elder, and William Welby, and are to be sold at the Swanne in Pauls Church-yard


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