A miracle, of miracles

Publication Date1614
RemainderAs fearefull as euer was seene or heard of in the memorie of man. Which lately happened at Dichet in Sommersetshire, and sent by diuers credible witnesses to be published in London. Also a prophesie reuealed by a poore countrey maide, who being dead the first of October last, 1613. 24. houres, reuiued againe, and lay fiue dayes weeping, and continued prophesying of strange euents to come, and so died the 5. day following. Witnessed by M. Nicholas Faber, parson of the towne, and diuers worthy gentlemen of the same countrey. 1613, withall, Lincolnshire teares. For a great deluge, in which fiue villages were lamentably drovvned this present month
Extent[32] p.
LocationAt London
PublisherPrinted [by G. Eld] for Iohn Trundle: and are to be sold [by E. Wright] at Christ Church gate

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