July. 16. Numb. 9. The continuation of the most remarkable occurrences of newes, since the 4 of Iune, vntill this present. 1630

Publication Date1630
RemainderContaining, amongst diuers others, these particulars. The preparation and landing of the King of Sweden in Germany, with a mighty army, against the emperour: together with a list of his whole army, horse and foot. A late skirmish and ouerthrow giuen by the States forces, to Count Iohn of Nassaw, himselfe being taken prisoner, being sore hurt: together with diuers men of note neare Wesel. Newes of the arriuall of the two Spanish plate fleets at the Havanna, with the Gargazin of their lading and riches. The great ielousie of the emperour, of the Turkes comming into Hungary, with the great cruelty of the said Turkes, vsed against certaine merchants of Hungary. The arriuall of diuers Dutch ships; richly laden, both from East-Indies, and from Farnambuco together with many other particulars, both from Italy Sauoy, France, and the Low-Countries
Extent[2], 14 p.
Publisherprinted [by G. Purslowe] for Nicholas Bourne, dwelling at the South entrance of the Royall Exchange



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