A true and strange discourse of the trauailes of two English pilgrimes

Publication Date1608
Remainderwhat admirable accidents befell them in their iourney to Ierusalem, Gaza, Grand Cayro, Alexandria, and other places. Also what rare antiquities, monuments, & notable memories (concording with the ancient reme[m]brances in the holy Scriptures) they saw in Terra Sancta, with a perfect discription of the old and new Ierusalem, and scituation of the countries about them. A discourse of no lesse admiration, the[n] well worth the regarding, written by one of them, on the behalfe of himselfe, and his fellow pilgrime
Extent[2], 42 p.
PublisherPrinted [by Edward Allde] for Thomas Archer, and are to bee solde at his shop in the Popes head-Pallace, neere the Royall Exchange


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