Certaine precepts

Publication Date1617
Remainderor directions, for the well ordering and carriage of a mans life: as also ?conomicall discipline for the gouernment of his house: with a platforme to a good foundation thereof, in the aduised choise of a wife: left by a father to his son at his death, w was sometimes of eminent note and place in this kingdome. And published from a more perfect copy, then ordinary those pocket manuscripts goe warranted by. With some other precepts and sentences of the same nature added: taken from a person of like place, and qualitie
Extent[2], 41, [1]
PublisherPrinted by T. C[reede] and B. A[lsop] for Ri. Meighen, and Thom. Iones, and are to be sold at St. Clements Church without Temple Barre



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