Mans actiue obedience, or The power of godlines

Publication Date1619
Remainderespecially in the commandement of the gospell, which requireth faith in euerie Christian: or A treatise of faith, worthily called precious faith, as being in it selfe a most rare iewell of ioy, and peerelesse pearle, that excelleth in worth the highest price. Wherein is plainly declared what faith in Christ is what properly is the obiect of it, what is the speciall operation of faith, by which it may bee discerned; and the worke about which it is principally imployed, the subiect wherein it is placed; what things are needfull to the making it up, what to the being, and what to the wel-being of it; with the differences that are betweene true beleeuers and fained in all of them, and the vses thereof. By Master William Negus, lately minister of Gods word at Lee in Essex
Extent[24], 341, [3] p.
Publisherimprinted by Felix Kyngston for Nathaniel Newbery, and are to be sold at his shop vnder S. Peters Church in Cornehill, and in Popes-head Alley, at the signe of the Starre




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