A commentary, upon the whole booke of Ecclesiastes or The preacher

Publication Date1639
RemainderWherein the originall Hebrew text is carefully examined, our owne English translation and others are duely viewed and compared, in which also the literall sense is chiefly considered, other senses as usefull are not omitted. The exposition of the ancient fathers, and other ancient and classicall authours being diligently observed: the whole is also illustrated with frequent passages and sentences taken out of them. By Michael Jermin, Dr. in Divinitie, and Rect. of St. Martins Lud-gate. London
Extent[6], 247, [1], 265-457, [23] p.
Publisherprinted by Ric. Hodgkinsonne, for John Clark, and are to be sold at his shop under Saint Peters Church in Corne-hill



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