A very proper treatise, wherein is briefly sett forthe the arte of limming

Publication Date1573
Remainderwhich teacheth the order in drawing [and] tracing of letters, vinets, flowers, armes and imagery, [and] the maner how to make sundry sises or grounds to laye siluer or golde vppon, and how siluer or golde shalbe layed or limmed vppon the sise, [and] the waye to temper golde [and] siluer and other mettales and diuerse kyndes of colours to write or to limme withall vppon velym, parchement or paper, [and] howe to lay them vpon the worke which thou entendest to make, [and] howe to vernish yt when thou hast done, with diuerse other thinges very mete [and] necessary to be knowne to all such gentlemenne, and other persones as doe delite in limming, painting or in tricking of armes in their right colors, [and] therfor a worke very mete to be adioined to the bookes of armes, neuer put in printe before this time
Extentxii leaves
LocationImprinted at London
PublisherIn Flete strete within temple Barre at the signe of the Hande [and] starre by Richard Tottill

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