Newes and strange newes from St. Christophers of a tempestuous spirit, which is called by the Indians a hurry-cano or whirlewind

Publication Date1638
RemainderWhich hapneth in many of those ilands of America or the West-Indies, as it did in August last, about the 5. day. 1638. Blowing downe houses, tearing up trees by the rootes, and it did puffe men up from the earth, as they had beene feathers, killing divers men. Whereunto is added the true and last relation of the dreadfull accident which hapned at Withicombe in Devonshire the 21. of October last past
Extent[4], 20 p.
LocationImprinted at London
PublisherBy I[ohn]. O[kes]. for Francis Coules dwelling in the Old-Baily


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