The brideling, sadling and ryding, of a rich churle in Hampshire, by the subtill practise of one Iudeth Philips, a professed cunning woman, or fortune teller

Publication Date1595
RemainderVVith a true discourse of her vnwomanly vsing of a trype wife, a widow, lately dwelling on the back side of S. Nicholas shambles in London, whom she with her conferates, likewise cosoned: for which fact, shee was at the Sessions house without New-gate arraigned, where she confessed the same, and had iudgement for her offence, to be whipped through the citie, the 14. of February, 1594
Extent16 p.
LocationPrinted at London
PublisherBy T[homas] C[reede] and are to be solde by William Barley, at his shop in New-gate Market, neare Christ-Church

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