Sir Francis Drake reuiued

Publication Date1628
Remaindercalling vpon this dull or effeminate age, to follow his noble steps for gold and siluer. By this memorable relation, of the rare occurrences (neuer yet declared to the world) in a third voyage, made by him into the West-Indies, in the yeeres 72. and 73. when Nombre de Dios was by him and fiftie two others onely in his company surprised. Faithfully taken out of the report of M. Christofer Ceely, Ellis. Hixom, and others, who were in the same voyage with him. By Philip Nichols, preacher. Reuiewed by Sir Francis Drake himselfe before his death, and much holpen and enlarged by diuers notes, with his owne hand here and there inserted. Set forth by Sir Francis Drake Baronet (his nephew) now liuing
Extent[8], 80 p.
PublisherPrinted [by William Stansby] for Nicholas Bourne, dwelling at the south entrance of the Royall Exchange





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