Lessons and exercises out of Cicero ad Atticum, for such as desire to habituate themselues (either by their owne industry, or by the helpe of masters) in Cicero's epistolarie Latine, after the method of Dr Webbe, lately priuiledged by patent from his Maiestie for 31. yeeres. And are to be sold by euery master licensed to teach by that way. As by Mr Sherley in Rose-alley, at the vpper end of Holborne, towards Grayes-Inne Fields. Mr Clarke in Fetter-lane, now teaching at the church of St Dunstane in the West. Mr Wastell in Harpe-lane, at the further end of the church of St Dunstane in the East, and others

Publication Date1627
Extent[4], 213+ leaves
LocationImprinted at London
PublisherBy F. K[ingston]


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