The contentes of this booke

Publication Date1574
RemainderFirst the booke for a justice of peace. The booke that teacheth to keepe a court baron or a leet. The booke teaching to keepe a courte hundred. The booke called returna breuium. The booke called charta feodi, conteininge the fourme of deedes, releases, indentures obligations, acquitances, letters of atturney, letters of permutation, testamentes, [and] other thinges. And the booke of the ordinance to be obserued by the officers of the kinges Escheker for fees taking
Extent195, [13] leaves
LocationImprinted at Londo[n]
PublisherIn Fletestrete, within Temple Barre at the signe of the hand [and] Starre by Richarde Tottyl

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