A litle herball of the properties of herbes

Publication Date1561
Remaindernewly amended [and] corrected, wyth certayn additions at the ende of the boke, declaring what herbes hath influence of certain sterres and constellations, wherby maye be chosen the best and most lucky tymes and dayes of their ministracion, according to the moone beyng in the signes of heaue[n] the which is daily appoi[n]ted in the almanacke, made and gathered in the yeare of our Lorde God. M.D.L. the. xii. daye of February, by Anthony Askha[m] physycyon
Extent[158] p.
LocationImprynted at London
PublisherIn Paules churcheyearde, at the signe of the Swanne, by Ihon kynge

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