The ninth of September. 1622. Count Mansfields proceedings since the last battaile with the great misfortune which hath lately hapned to the Duke of Brunswicke

Publication Date1622
RemainderVVith the great victory obtained by the Protestants in France, by those of the Towne of Mompeliers against the Kings forces, who fought to take the towne by treachery, but were most of them put to the sword. Also relating another skirmish, which happened betweene Count Mansfield and Don Cordua in the prouince of Henego, with the great sea fight betweene some of the Hollanders bound for the West Indies meeting with the Spaniards. Likewise a new and great slaughter made vpon Spinola his forces hefore [sic] Bergen vp Zome, by those of the towne: with the comming downe of Bethlem Gabors brother, and the Marquis of Iagersdorp into Silesia, to inuade the country. Lastly, the taking in of the citty of Spiers by the Bauarians, with their blocking vp of Heidelburgh, Frankendale, and Mainhem, in the Palatinate.
Extent[2], 19 [i.e. 21], [1] p.
PublisherPrinted by E. A[llde] for Nicholas Bourne and Thomas Archer, and are to bee solde at their shops, at the Royall Exchange and Popes head Pallace

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