Nevves from Sir Roger Williams

Publication Date1591
RemainderVVith a discourse printed at Rheines [sic] containing the most happie victorie, lately obtained by the Prince de Conty, lieutenant generall ouer the kinges forces, in Aniou, touraine, Maine, Poictu, Berry, Blaysois, Vendomois, Dunois, high and lower Limosin, and Perche, against the rebellious leaguers, enemies to his Maiestie. VVhereunto is annexed the order or agreement of the Court of Parliament, held in Normandy at sundry times, and now lastly confirmed the eighteenth of August, to the vtter abolishing of the Popes authoritie, th taking away of his reuenewes, and the burning of his bulles
Extent19 [i.e. 17], [1] p.
PublisherPrinted by Iohn Woolfe, and are to be sold by Andrevv VVhite, at the Royall Exchange, ouer against the Conduit in Corne-wall




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