A treatice of morall philosophy

Publication Date1575
Remaindercontaynynge the sayinges of the wyse, wherein you maye see the woorthye and pythye sayinges of philosophers, emperors, kynges, and oratours: of their liues, theire aunswers, of what linage they came of, and of what countrey they were, whos woorthye and notable preceptes, counsailes, parables and semblables, doth hereafter folowe. First gathered and set forth by Wylliam Baudwin, and nowe once againe augmented, & the thirde tyme enlarged by Thomas Paulfreyman
Extent[1], 255 leaves
LocationImprinted at London
PublisherIn Fleetestrete within Temple Barre, at the signe of the Hand and Starre, by Richard Tottyll


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