A proclamation or proscription, set foorth & published by the arch-duke Albertus, against his mutinous soldiers

Publication Date1602
Remainderin the castle of Hoochstrate. Printed at Bruxels. Faithfully translated into English out of the Dutch coppy printed at Middleborough, by the first originall. Wherein is also truely set foorth the order of the two campes, before the stronge towne of Graue: with the yeelding thereof into the hands of his Excellency Graue Maurice: and the conditions agreed vpon both sides, the 19. of September. Stilo nouo. 1602. With other accidents since hapned
Extent[2], 12, 5-10, [2] p.
PublisherPrinted [by E. Allde and R. Read] for Thomas Pauier, and are to bee solde at his shop in Corne-hill at the signe of the Cat and two Parrets neere the Royall Exchange

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