Bibliotheca instructissima, sive Catalogus librorum in omnigenaa literatura, pręsertim vero antiqua Romana & Gręca maxime insignium

Publication Date1690
RemainderMagna ex parte ex bibliothecis celeberrimorum virorum Casparis Fagel ord. Holland. & Westfr. Conciliarii, & Stephani le Moyne Leydensi theologi, desumptorum; quorum aliquam multi notis MSS. ipsius Steph. le Moyne egregie locupletati. Accedit quoque bibliotheca equisitissima illmi & eruditissimi viri nuper defuncti. Quorum auctio habebitur Londini tertio die Februarii 1689[/]90. Apud Sam's coffee-house in vico vulgo dicto Ave-Mary-Lane prope Ludgate
Extent[2], 28 p.
PublisherCatalogues are to be distributed gratis, at Mr. Partridge's at Charing-Cross, at Mr. Hensman's in Westminster-hall, at Mr. Crook's without Temple Bar, at Mr. Newton's at the Three Pigeons in Fleet-street, at Mr. Bateman's at the Bible and Crown in Middle Row in Holbourn, at Mr. Bullord's at the Bear in St. Paul's Church-yard, at Mr. Eddowes's in the Piazza under the Royal Exchange, booksellers


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