The life and adventures of Roxana, the forunate mistress

Publication Date1755
RemainderOr, Most unhappy wife. Containing, I. An account of her birth in France, in 1683. II. Her marriage in London with a brewer, who ran out his estate, and left her in a destitute condition whith five children. III. Her cohabiting with her landlord, their journey to Paris, where her gallant was robbed, and murdered. IV. Her being fell in love with by the Prince of - by whom she had a son; her going with the Prince to the palace of Mendon, where she saw her husband, who had entered in the gensd' arms guard, the Prince leaves her. V. The dealings she had with a Dutch merchant and a Jew, the latter of whom wanted to defraud her of a great parcel of her jewels, her return, in a dagerous storm to England; her going afterwards to Rotterdam, where she fees the Dutch merchant, to whom she soon after became a bedfellow. VI. Her return to England again, living a great lady, where she had the name of Roxana. Her marriage with the Dutch merchatn in London, who was naturalized, and created a baronet; the miseries she and her maid Amy sell afterwards into. Embellished with curious copper plates
PublisherPrinted for H. Owen, in White-Fryars, Fleet-street; and C. Sympson, at the Bible in Chancery-lane



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