Ways and means discovered to enlarge trade and commerce

Publication Date1720
RemainderThe improvement of navigation, the advancement of the kings revenues, plentifully supplying the poor, and for the common good of all merchants and traders whatsoever, by sea or land. Recommended to all cities, corporations, towns, parishes and villages, in Great Britain and Ireland. Humbly presented to His Majesty King George. Also is ways discovered for all those who shall be concerned in such a publick good, how they shall improve their money so as to make it ten pounds per cent. per annum certain, with a dividend of 4 to 5 per cent. and in all probability more, and that by acts of Parliament: and shall have real security for the money subscribed for; and no person can run one shilling hazzard upon any account whatsoever; nor any person be at above two pence in the pound charge. By J. Lucas, gent. The third edition. Clerks attend to take in subscriptions every day at Mansfields Coffee-House by the Exeter Change in the Strand: also at the Leghorn Coffee-House by the Royal Exchange in Cornhill. And at Vigure's Coffee-House in the Court of Requests
PublisherPrinted for the author: and sold at the Green Door and Blue Ball in the passage from Villans-street to Buckingham-street in York Buildings in the Strand; and at the Coffee-Houses abovementioned



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