Albert Durer revived: or, A book of drawing, limning, washing, or colouring of maps and prints: and the art of painting, with the names and mixtures of colours used by the picture-drawers

Publication Date1680
RemainderWith directions how to lay and paint pictures upon glass. Or, The young-man's time well spent. In which he hath the ground-work to make him fit for doing any thing by hand, when he is able to draw well. By the use of this work, you may draw all parts of a man, ... And directions for birds, beasts, landskips, ships, and the like. Moreover, grounds to lay silver or gold upon; ... and how to varnish it when you have done. How also to diaper and shadow things, and to heighten them, to stand off; to deepen them, and make them glister. In this book you have the necessary instruments for drawing, and the use of them, and how to make artificial pastiles to draw withal. And also directions how to draw with Indian-ink: wherein you have also Mr. Hollars receipt for etching, with instructions how to use it. Very useful for all handicrafts, and ingenious gentlemen and youths. By Hammer and hand, all arts do stand.
Extent[1], 21, leaves
Publisherprinted for John Garrett at his shop, as you go up the stairs of the Royal Exchange in Cornhill, where you may have choice of all sorts of large or small maps; ...



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