Albert Durer revived: or, A book of dravving, limning, vvashing or colouring of maps and prints: and the art of painting, with the names and mixtures of colours used by the picture-drawers

Publication Date1679
RemainderOr, The young-mans time well spent. In which he hath the ground-work to make him fit for doing any thing by hand, when he is able to draw well. By the use of this work, you may draw all parts of a man, ... And directions for birds, beasts, landskips, ships, and the like. Moreover, grounds to lay silver or gold upon; ... and how to varnish it when you have done. How also to diaper and shadow things, and to highten them, to stand off: to deepen them, and make them glister. In this book, you have the necessary instruments for drawing, and the use of them; ... And also directions, how to draw with Indian ink: ... Mr. Hollars receipt for etching, with instructions how to use it. Very useful for all handicrafts, and ingenuous gentlemen and youths. By Hammer and hand, all arts do stand.
Extent[1], 21 leaves
Publisherprinted by S[arah]. and B[ennet]. Griffin, for John Garrett at his shop, as you go up the stairs of the Royal Exchange in Cornhil: where you may have choice of all sorts of large or small maps; coloured, of uncoloured, variety or Dutch prints: as also colours ready prepared and ground, to colour prints with, and very good Indian ink to draw withal


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