The Protestant school-master

Publication Date1680
RemainderContaining, plain and easie directions for spelling and reading English, with all necessary rules for the true reading of the English tongue. Together with a brief and true account of the bloody persecutions, massacres, plots, treasons, and most inhumane tortures committed by the Papists upon Protestants, for near six hundred years past, to this very time, in all countries where they have usurped authority to exercise their cruelties: that is, the persecution of the Protestants in Piedmont. Bohemia. Germany. Poland. Lithuania. France Italy. Spain. Portugal. The Low Countries. Scotland. Ireland, and England. With a description of the variety of their tortures, curiously engraven upon copper plates. and several other useful particulars. By Edw. Clark. B.D
Extent[12], 84, 87-96, 109-216 p.
Publisherprinted by T[homas]. B[raddyll]. And are to be sold by Enoch Prossor at the Rose and Crown in Sweetings Alley near the Royal Exchange in Cornhil



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