A hundred notabe [sic] things, and merry conceits for a penny

Publication Date1686
RemainderWherein is shewed 1. To make a candle burn under water. 2. How to make beans grow up in an hours space. 3. How to make a good bait to catch fish. 4. A rare art to know whether a man or woman shall marry or not. 5. To know whether a person sick is bewitched. 6. How to drive away all inchantments or witch-craft. 7. How to know precious stones from counterfeit- [sic] 8. How to know whether a woman be with child of a boy or a girl. 9. How to know whether a sick party will live or die. 10. How to make Iheif [sic] afraid to come into your house. 11. How to make a varnish upon iron to shine like gold. 12. How to make ink that will shew like gold. With abundance of pleasant histories of the wonderful things of art and nature, shewing the mistery of the loadstone. By Josh Croynes Gent. Licensed according to order
Extent16 p.
Publisherprinted for J. Conyers at the Black Raven in Duck Lane



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