The history of the Old and New Testament

Publication Date1691
Remainderextracted out of sacred scripture and writings of the fathers; for the government of our actions in all conditions. Illustrated with sculptures; aptly and acurately delineated and engraven by good artists, for the better and more lively representation thereof. Translated from the works of the learned le Sieur de Royaumont, by Mr. John Coughen, and Mr. Joseph Raynor, Masters of Art; and supervised by Dr. Horneck, and other orthodox divines. And for the perfecting the said work, and rendring it more acceptable to the curious (as an appendix) is printed the lives of the Apostles, with an historical chronology of such matters as are related in the Bible, and divided according to the seven periods used in history.
Extent[10], 424 p.
Publisherprinted for and sold by Richard Blome, at Mr. Notts in the Pal-Mal, by Mr. Saunders in the New Exchange, Mr. Wilkinson and Mr. Freeman in Fleetstreet, Mr. Clavel and Mr. Brome at the west-end of S. Pauls, Mr. Horn and Mr. Southby by the Royal-Exchange. Mr. Richard bookbinder in Stanhope street by Clare Market, and by other booksellers in London and Westminster


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