Every landlord or tenant his own lawyer

Publication Date1775
RemainderOr, The whole law respecting landlords, tenants, and lodgers; laid down in a simple, easy, and comprehensive manner, free from the technical terms of the law. Containing the most approved forms of notices to quit premises: directions for making and compleating a distress, and for replevying goods when illegally taken, also memorandums for letting houses, lands, or apartments by agreement, or on lease; and various precedents of leases, and other useful deeds, as settled by the most eminent council. Together with an abstract of an act of the 15th George III. for regulating buildings and party-walls in London, and its environs. The second edition. With considerable additions and improvements, particularly as to registering of deeds, and the law and practice of replevin and ejectment. By John Paul, barrister at law. author of The constable, churchwarden, overseer, and suveyor of the highways guide, and other law tracts
PublisherPrinted by W. Strahan and M. Woodfall, law printers to His Majesty; for Richardson and Urquhart, under the Royal Exchange


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