Richard the Third revived

Publication Date1657
RemainderContaining a memorable petition and declaration contrived by himself and his instruments, whiles Protector, in the name of the three estates of England, to importune and perswade him to accept of the kingship, and crown of England, by their joynt election, (as if he were unwilling to undertake, or accept, though he most ambitiously aspired after them,) by the bloudy murthers of K. Henry 6. Edward 5. and sundry others, before his coronation; presented afterwards to, and confirmed by the three estates and himself, in his first Parliament, to give him a colourable title both by inheritance, and their election to the crowne. Transcribed out of the Parliament roll of 1.R.2. (printed in Speeds history of Great Britain:) where his other additionall policies to engage the City of London, lawyers, divines and people, of own, and make him their King, are at large recorded
Extent[2], 9, [1] p.
Publisherprinted for William Leak, at the Crown in Fleetstreet, betwixt the two Temple-Gates



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