Mother Shiptons prophesies

Publication Date1663
Remainderwith three and XX. more, all most terrible and wonderfull, predicting strange alterations to befall this climate of England. Viz. 1. Of K. Richard the III. 2. Mr. Truswell recorder of Lincolne. 3 Lillies predictions. 4 A prophesie alluding to th Scots last invasion. 5 Jgnatius his prophesie. 6 Mrs. Whites prophesie. 7 Old Sybilla's prophesie. 8 Merlin's prophesies. 10 Mr. Brightmans. 9 Old Otwell Bins [sic]. 11 Paulus Grebnerus pro. 12 A prophesie in old English meeter. 13 Another ancient proph. 14 An other short, but pithy. 15 Another very obscure. 16 Saltmarsh his predict. 17 A strange prophesie of an old Welsh-woman. 18 St. Bedes prophesie. 19 William Ambrose 20 Tods prophesie. 21 Thomas of Astledowne. 22 Saunders his prediction. 23 A prophesie of David, Cardinall of France, &c
Extent8 p.
Publisherprinted by T. P. for Fr. Coles and are to besold at his shop at the signe of the Lambe in the Old-Baily, neare the Sessions house


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