The second part of Mother Shiptons prophecies

Publication Date1662
Remainderwith sixteen others of strange and wonderful concernment, not onely concerning the kingdome of England, but also of the Turks invading Germany, the downfall of the Pope, and the calling of the Jews, and several other strange predictions. Viz. 1 Mother Shiptons prophesie. 2 The prophesie of a Saxon Anchorite. 3 A prophesie on Beefton Castle. 4 A prediction of John Baudensis 5 Paulus Grebnerus his prophesie. 6 A prophesie on King Charles the first. 7 A prophesie on Charing-Cross. 8 A prophesie on Henry VII. 9 A prophesi on Rible in Lancashire. 10 A prophesie of Malvern Hills. 11 A prophesie of Capestranus. 12 A Scottish prophesie. 13 A prophesie of Cleombrotous 14 A Turkish prophesie. 15 A vision of Christina Pontiatona. 16 A prophesie of Adura Manassoch. A prophesie of Drabicius. 18 Luthers prophesies. 19 A prophesie of Musculus
Extent[2], 6 p.
Publisherprinted for Joshua Coniers in the Long-walke near Christ-Church Hospital


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