Strange and wonderful news. Being a true, tho' sad relation of six sea-men

Publication Date1700
Remainder(Belonging to the Margaret of Boston,) who sold themselves to the Devil, and were invisibly carry'd away. With an account of the said ship being sunk under water, where she continued full eleven weeks: all which time, to admiration, the rest of the ship's crew liv'd, and fed upon raw meat, and live fish, that swam over their heads. The names of the three persons, that were (thro' mercy) preserv'd so long under water, were William Davies, (a man very well known to the merchants in London,) Mr. William Kadner, and Mr. VVilliam Bywater. There was only one boy drowned. The truth of which strange and miraculous relation, will be attested at Mr. Loyd's Coffee House, near the general post-office, in Lumbard-Street; wherre the original letter, at large, will be shewn to any person, that desires to be further satisfy'd in the truth hereof; and by several eminent merchants upon the Exchange
Extent8 p.
Publisherprinted for H. Marston, in Cornhil


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