The day of grace. Or, Christ's tears over JerusalemĚ

Publication Date1687
RemainderLamenting her ruine and desolation, because she would not regard the day of her visitation. Whereby London may take warning by Jerusalems sufferings, lest she partake of her punishments. Wherein is plainly proved that God doth give a day of grace and salvation to sinners; in which pardon and life are proffered to them, and may be obtained by them. 2ly. To know this day of grace, the things that belong to your peace, is our great happiness and wisdom, when sinners will not see they are smitten with spiritual blindness, and the things of their peace are bid from them. Wherein is also set forth those several seasons of grace, whereby every man and woman may, by improving, be everlastingly happy; ... Being the substance of a sermon, preached by the Reverend Mr. Nathan. Vincent, Minister of the Gospel. Licensed and entred according to order
Extent[24] p.
Publisherprinted by A[lexander]. M[ilbourn]. for J[oshua]. Conyers in Holbourn




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