A Christian dictionary

Publication Date1648
RemainderOpening the significations of the chiefe vvords dispersed generally through Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament, tending to increase Christian knowledge. Whereunto is annexed, a particular dictionary for the Revelation of S. John. the Canticles or Song of Salomon. the Epistle to the Hebrewes. The fifth edition. Augmented by addition of divers thousands of words, phrases, and significations, and by explication of leviticall rites. Also, of most difficult and ambiguous speeches, with farre more profitable annotations than before. By Tho. Wilson, minister of the word at S. Georges in Canterbury. Whereunto is likewise added a large edition [sic], both of words and phrases, by Mr. John Bagwell.
Extent[260] p.
Publisherprinted By Richard Cotes, to be sold by William Hope, at the signe of the Unicorne in Cornehill neer the Royall Exchange



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