Dictionaire oeconomique

Publication Date1758
Remainderor, the family dictionary. Containing, the most experienced methods of improving estates and of preserving health, with many approved Remedies for most Distempers of the Body of Man, Cattle and other Creatures, and the best Means for attaining long Life. The most advantageous Ways of Breeding, Feeding and Ordering of Domestick Animals, as Horses, Kine, Sheep, Swine, Poultry, Bees, Silkworms, &c. The different Kinds of Nets, Snares and Engines, for taking most Sorts of Fish, Birds, and other Game. Great Variety of Rules, Directions, and new Discoveries, relating to Gardening, Husbandry, Soils and Manures of all Sorts: The Planting and Culture of Vines, Fruit-Trees, Forest-Trees, Underwoods, Shrubs, Flowers, and their several Uses: The Knowledge of Foreign Drugs, Dies, Domestick and Exotick Plants and Herbs, with their specifick Qualities and medicinal Virtues. The best and cheapest Ways of providing and improving all manner of Meats and Drinks; of preparing several Sorts of Wines, Waters and Liquors for every Season, both by Distillation and otherwise: Of preserving all kind of Fruits as well dry as liquid, and making divers Sweetmeats and Works of Sugar, and other profitable Curiosities, both in the Confectionary and Culinary Arts of Housewifery. Means of making the most Advantages of the Manufactures of Soap, Starch, Spinning, Cotton, Thread, &c. The Methods to take or destroy Vermin, and other Animals injurious to Gardening, Husbandry, and rural Oeconomy; with a Description of Garden and other Country Tools and Utensils. An Account of the several Weights, Measures, &c. of Metals and Minerals, with their Preparations and Uses. All sorts of rural sports and exercises, conducing to the Benefit and innocent Enjoyments of Life; as also Painting in Miniature, and divers other Arts and Ternis of Art explain'd, for the Entertainment and Amusement of Gentlemen, Ladies, &c. The whole illustrated throughout with very great Variety of Figures, for the readier understanding and practising of those things to which they belong. Done into English from the second edition, lately printed at Paris, in two Volumes, Folio, written by M Chomell. With considerable alterations and improvements. Revised and recommended by Mr. R. Bradley, Professor of Botany in the University of Cambridge, and F. R. S. In two volumes. Vol. I. From A - to - H
Publisherprinted for L. Flinn, Bookseller, at the Sign of the Bible in Temple-Court, Castle-Street






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