David's repentance, or, a plain and familiar exposition of the LI. Psalm

Publication Date1691
RemainderFirst preached, and now published for the benefit of God's church. Wherein every Christian may set before his eyes the pattern of unfeigned repentance. Likewise exhorting every man to labour for repentance before sicknesse and death seize upon them; for after death there is no repentance to be had or expected. The four and twentieth edition. Newly revised, and profitably amplified by the author, Samuel Smith, late preacher of the word at Prittlewel in Essex
Extent[20], 360, 359-374 p.
Publisherprinted by J.R. for T. Passinger, at the Three Bibles and Star on London-Bridge, and M. Wotton, and G. Conyers, at the Three Pigeons in Fleet-street, over-against the Inner-Temple-Gate, and at the Golden Ring on Ludgate-Hill over-against the Old Bayly


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