A declaration of the present sufferings of above 140. persons of the people of God (who are now in prison,) called Quakers

Publication Date1659
Remainderwith a briefe accompt of about 1900. more being but a part of many more that have suffered within these six years last past, whose names and particular sufferings are not here set down. Together with the number of 21. persons who were imprisoned and persecuted until death. That so all people may be made sensible of the great oppressions of the innocent, and lay them to heart, that the judgements of the Lord may be prevented why [sic] otherwise will fall heavy upon the oppressors, and all that are at ease in the flesh and unsensible of the day of Jacobs troubles. As also an accompt of some grounds and reasons why for conscience sake we bear our testimony against divers customes and practices at this day in use amongst men. Also a cry of great judgement at hand upon the oppressors of the Lords heritage, as received from him on the 18. day of the first moneth called March
Extent[2], 44, [2] p.
Publisherprinted for Thomas Simmons at the Bull and Mouth near Aldersgate


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