Medicaments for the poor; or, Physick for the common people

Publication Date1662
RemainderContaining, excellent remedies for most common diseases, incident to mans body; made of such things as are common to be had in almost every country in the world, and are made with little art, and smal charge. Thi book is of admirable use for, 1. Purging medicines, for choler, flegm, melancholly, or watry humors. 2. Vomit. 3. Such things as evacuate by sweat, spittle, the pallar, nostrils, or insensibly. 4. Womens diseases. 5. Worms. 6. The stone. 7. Poysons. 8. The Head over-heat, or over-cooled. 9. The eyes. 10. The Joynts. 11. The nerves. 12. Breathing. 13. The heart. 14. The stomach. 15. The intestines. 16. And for diseases of ill conformation. 17. Or in faulty magnitude. 18. Or in number. 19. Or in scituation, and connexion. 20. Or in dissolved unity. Hereunto is added an excellent book, called Health for the rich and poor, by diet without physick. The second edition. By Nich. Culpeper, student in physick and astrology
Extent[24], 388 [i.e. 288], [22], 41, [1] p.
Publisherprinted by Peter Cole, printer and book-seller, at the Sign of the Printing-press in Cornhill, near the Royal Exchange






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