A physical dictionary. Or, An interpretation of such crabbed words and terms of art, as are derived from the Greek or Latin, and used in physick, anatomy, chirurgery, and chymistry

Publication Date1657
RemainderWith a definition of most diseases incident to the body of man: and a description of the marks and characters used by doctors in their receipts. Published for the more perfect understanding of Mr. Tomlinson's translation of Rhænodæus Dispensatory, and whatever other books of physick and surgery are extant in the English tongue. This dictionary will be as useful and sufficient to all our late English practioners in physick, or chirurgery (especially such as are not scholars) as any dictionary of ten shillings price. Approved by several doctors, surgeons, and apothecaries; and recommended by them in an epistle to all English practioners in physick and chirurgerie
Extent[58] p.
Publisherprinted by G. Dawson, for John Garfield, and are to be sold at his shop at the sign of the Rolling Press for Pictures, near the Royal Exchange in Cornhil, over against Popes-head-alley


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