The spirit of the martyrs is risen

Publication Date1665
Remainderand the spirit of the old persecuter is risen and manifest. Several things being taken out of the book of martyrs which they suffered for. 1 For working on holy dayes, and for not having bells rung when they preached. 2 For eating fles in Lent, and on the dayes called Frydayes, and other dayes which are forbidden. 3 For not going to the church, and for denying the outward crosse. 4 For speaking in the steeple-houses. 5 For meeting together in houses, woods, fields, and barns, and for not going processioning, and for denying organs. 6 For not paying tithes, and churching women. 7 For saying any place was as holy ground to bury in as the church-yard. And 8 For saying that the gift of God could not be bought nor sold for money; for these things the martyrs suffered, and for many other. E.H. T.R
Extent29, 20-21, [1] p.
Publisherprinted for Thomas Simmons at the Bull and Mouth


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