The nullity of the Romish faith; or A blovv at the root of the Romish Church

Publication Date1679
Remainderbeing an examination of that fundamental doctrine of the Church of Rome concerning the Churches infallibility, and of all those several methods which their most famous and approved writers have used for the defence thereof. Together with an appendix tending to the demonstration of the solidity of the Protestant faith, wherein the reader will find all the material objections and cavils of their most considerable writets [sic], viz. Richworth (alia??s Rushworth). in his Dialogues, White i his treatise de fide and his Apology for tradition, Cressy in his Exomologesis, S. Clara in his Systema fidei, and Captain Everard in his late account of his pretended conversion to the Church of Rome discussed and answered. By Matthew Poole minister of the Gospel
Extent[10], 244, 100, [6] p.
Publisherprinted for and sold by Rob. Boulter at the Turks Head in Cornhil, T. Passinger at the three Bibles on London Bridge and R. Smith at the Bible in the Piazza under the Exchange, Cornhil


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