A compleat history and mystery of the Old and New Testament

Publication Date1695
Remainderlogically discust and theologically improved. In four distinct volumes. The first, beginning at the creation of the world, and ending at Moses. The second, beginning at the particular remarks of Israel's motion and mansions in the wilderness, until the death of Moses, and the succession of Joshua, and so forward unto the birth of Solomon. The third, beginning at David's repentance, before the birth of Solomon, and ending at the birth of christ; wherein an ample account is given of all the Apocryphal time (betwixt Malachy and Messiah) also, as well as of all the canonical books until that time. The fourth beginning at the first of Matthew, and ending at the last of the Revelations; wherein is held forth the most illustrious life of Christ, and the lives of all the Apostles, to the death of the last and longest living Apostle John the Divine. ... By Christopher Ness A.M. and minister of the gospel in London
Extent[6], 32, [2], 33-420, [2], 421-428, [2], 429-468, 120, [2], 56, 61-268, 273-368, [4], 369-476, [2], 477-480, [2], 481-484, [2], 485-496, [2], 497-524, [2], 525-548, [2], 549-568, [2], 569-640, [2], 641-660, [2], 661-684, [2], 685-712, [2], 713-716, [2], 717-755, [47], 216, [2], 217-218, [2], [219-248, [2], 249-340, [2], 341-524, [2] p.
Publisherprinted by Tho. Snowden, and are to be sold by Tho. Parkhurst at the Bible and Three Crowns, the lower end of Cheapside: and Jonathan Robinson, at the Golden-Lion in Paul's Church-Yard




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