The lamentable sufferings of the church of God in Dorset-shire

Publication Date1659
RemainderAnd the persecution there; whipping sufficient men of their own county as vagabonds, and how bruitish they behave themselves and unmanly, dishonouring their magistracy, and shaming their ministery; how they have stocked, imprisoned, whipped, and sent away with passes the servants of the Lord God, and what havock they have made of the Church of God; acting without the fear of God, and as men regarding neither God nor man, and as though they had never heard talk of God, Christ, prophets nor apostles, nor scriptures, as though they never had read their examples of such as turned against the just, and were the persecutors; but the wickedness of the wicked shal slay themselves, and the Lord is the reward of the just, and the protector of the innocent, and carries his lambs in his armes, and rebukes the adversaries, yea kings, for the annointed-elects sake; therefore let your doings and violence be so no more, least the Lord make you examples
Extent32 p.
Publisherprinted for Thomas Simmons at the Bul and mouth near Aldersgate



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